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The Great Service of Velivita Saranankara Sangharaja Thero
And Kandyan Era
The kindom of Sri Lanka dates back to Anuradhapura , Polonnaruwa , Dambadeniya , Kurunegala , Gampola , Kotte , Seethawaka and finally Kandyan Kindom.

From the reign of Sri Wijaya Rajasinhe (1739) to the reign of Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe (1815) for seventy six years Sri Lanka was ruled by “The Wadiga dynasty”. Therefore the Royal patronage for the higher ordination in the Buddhist order wasn’t successful during the period of King Weeraparakrama Narendrasinhe who ruled for thirty one years from 1707 – 1738. The third attempt of the establishment of the higher ordination too become fruitless during the time of King Wijayarajasinhe who ruled for seven years from 1739 – 1746 due to his death and due to the wreckage of the ship with envoys who were on their way to Burma (Myanmar)
Therefore during the reign of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe who ruled for thirty two years from 1747 – 1746 a group of envoys including “Vilbagedara Upasaka” (laymen) dispatched a message to the King of Siyam “Thailand” And with the assistance of whom a group of envoys with Upali Thero reached the Trincomalee port. Then they were taken in a procession to kandy Senkadagala and offered King’s garden. Thereafter the novice monk Ven.Velivita Saranankara with other six novice monks were placed in higher ordination in specially built enclosed Platform in the centre of the Malwatta Vihara (Visumgama Badda Seemawa) and well established the Buddha order in Sri Lanka.

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